Treverton College Academic Achievers Tour 2019

Clare Botha Treverton College Academic Achievers Tour 2019 It is a wonderful, unique opportunity for a young person to see some of the obvious tourist attractions; to visit some of the top universities; to get to know like-minded teenagers from other schools across South Africa; and to do it all at a cost which is […]

Review: Gomotsegang Moche

Gomotsegang Moche Hoërskool Gerrit Maritz Academic Achievers Tour West Coast, USA 2019 I had a really fun time on the tour to the USA and enjoyed every minute of every day. I saw places I only dreamt of seeing and met some amazing people on this tour. The chaperones and tour guides were also wonderful […]

Review: Hoërskool Garsfontein

Parent of child touring Hoërskool Garsfontein Academic Achievers Tour West Coast, USA 2019 I am very impressed about the whole organization of the tour. Amazing to actually follow them day by day according to the tour schedule that us as parents received. Everything was just planned perfectly with absolutely no incidents. Excellent job well done. […]

Review: Pretoria High School for Girls

Parent of child touring Pretoria High School for Girls Academic Achievers Tour Ireland & UK 2019 From the planning part it was perfect, we were kept in the loop the entire time, my daughter enjoyed every day spent there. Thanks. Read some more reviews Review: Cultural Tour to Japan Bobby Warriner Beaulieu College Cultural Tour […]

Review: Marlouise Booyse

Marlouise Booyse Parent of child touring Academic Achievers Tour West Coast, USA 2019 I personally would like to congratulate you on the highly efficient manner in which the whole USA West Coast Tour was organised.  From day 1 parents were guided every step of the way, detail information provided and additional assistance given where needed.  […]

Review: Hilda Christie

Hilda Christie Afrikaanse Hoër Meisieskool Pretoria Academic Achievers Tour Ireland and UK 2019 Ek wil regtig vir jou as toerleier gelukwens met alles wat met die toer gepaard gegaan het.  Ons was van die begin af goed ingelig en jy was altyd bereid om enige vrae (selfs die simpelste vrae) met groot geduld te beantwoord.  […]

Review: Amé Greyling

Amé Greyling Paul Roos Gymnasium Academic Achievers Tour West Coast, USA 2019 It was an absolute privilege to be a part of a tour like this. Working with nice kids, meeting new teachers and exchanging stories, it was really awesome! I’ve never been to America and it would have taken me a long time if […]

Review: Jaden Bouah

Jaden Bouah Learner Academic Achievers Tour 2018 I really enjoyed walking around and shopping at the time square area for hours. Time square was one of the the places that lived up to its name. I went as far is 57th on 9th and wasn’t disappointed at all whereas the statue of liberty was so […]

Review: Emma van der Walt

Emma van der Walt HTS Drostdy Academic Achievers Tour 2018 I really enjoyed times square and 5th avenue since it is very iconic and famous. But what stood out the most for me about New York was the 9/11 memorial and museum. When I first heard about it when I was small I didn’t really […]

Review: Jodie Pieters

Jodie Pieters Augsburg Landbougimnasium Academic Achievers Tour 2018 I really liked the lecture at The New York University of Medicine. The lecture wasn’t just about learning and taking the information in, the lecturer actually really communicated with the tour group and I enjoyed it ’cause we laughed alot and the lecturer really gave useful information […]