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Please refer to your quote/invitation letter with the payment schedule specified, otherwise please email debtors@travelandsport.com

Please email us on info@travelandsport.com

Please discuss this with your tour consultant, or email us at info@travelandsport.com

We offer a free raffle form and a sponsorship letter to assist you in raising funds for the tour. For more information please email us on info@travelandsport.com

Please refer to our terms and conditions https://travelandsport.com/travel-sport-terms-conditions/

Yes, it is compulsory to complete the online booking form.

Some client’s computers have certain blocking software/closed ports that cause them not to be able to upload, or even use the form.  Please change devices or email the documents to info@travelandsport.com with reference of the tour your child will be going on.

We make use of Travel & Sport representation. Based on your specific quote, you would have one of the following: a tour manager who accompanies the group throughout, a travel guide for excursions, or a Travel and Sport staff member touring with the group. This would be quote specific.

Please confirm if the school’s policy allows for this. However, Travel and Sport do offer supporter packages.

It is an identity document required by all South African’s to enter any country outside of South African borders.

You can apply for a passport at any Department of Home Affairs office. Children applying must be accompanied by both biological parents.

It is a full birth certificate that contains both biological parents’ details as well as the child’s details.

You can apply for an unabridged birth certificate at any Department of Home Affairs office near you.

It is a set of documents required by immigration officers at border/passport control points for minors under 18 years of age. This set of documents consist of:

  • Original Home Affairs Parental Consent Affidavit Form
  • Certified copy of the child’s unabridged birth certificate
  • Certified copy of mother’s ID or Passport
  • Certified copy of father’s ID or Passport

If any of the above is unclear or if your child has special circumstances please send an email to info@travelandsport.com

A visa is an official document granting a traveller permission to enter a country of which he/she is not a citizen. Not all countries request that you have a visa. It will also depend on the traveller’s type of passport.

Please send an email to visainfo@travelandsport.com Remember to specify on which tour your child will be going on and to which countries they will be touring.

We suggest a minimum of R5 000 at discretion of the parents. This is over and above the money budgeted for meals not included in the tour package.

Please refer to your quotation to see which meals are currently included and which aren’t.

  • Average price per lunch is EUR10 / per Dinner EUR20 in Europe


  • Average price per lunch is USD10 / per Dinner USD20 in the USA


  • Average price per lunch is GBP10 / per Dinner GBP20 in the UK


  • Average price per lunch is UAE10 / per Dinner UAE20 in Dubai


  • Average price per lunch is USD8 / per Dinner USD15 in all eastern countries

You can pay for purchases in cash or with a debit/credit card. Please contact your bank for more information on forex debit cards.

Forex is any other currency that is different to the South African currency.

To exchange ZAR for any other currency please visit your closest bank with a bureau de change or any other bureau de change.

We recommend your child activates sms roaming. In this way you can communicate via sms and when you child is in a wifi area he/she can access Whatsapp and other social media platforms.

The general luggage allowance for most airlines are:

Check in Luggage: 1 x 23 kg

Hand Luggage: 1 x 7 kg

For checked in luggage, please make sure there is no fresh produce (meat, fruit, vegetables and dairy). Therefore, we recommend snack bars, protein bars, chips, biscuits etc. For hand luggage, no food or beverages may be taken on to the plane.

For any additional information please send an email to info@travelandsport.com