Milnerton High School, Academic Achievers Tour USA 2022

“I wasn’t just about the locations (which were amazing) it was the chance for my daughter to interact with people and children from other schools and to be able to cope by ‘herself’, although the chaperones where fantastic.Traveling and exploring new cultures is so important at their age, to expose them to different experiences and […]

Paarl Girls’ High School, Academic Achievers Tour USA 2022

“My daughter had the time of her life. The chaperones were amazing and the groups as well. All communication was amazing and the whole experience from the first deposit to meeting our kids at Arrivals was just superb!!!! Would so recommend all kids to experience this with Travel and Sport.” Paarl Girls’ High School Parent […]

Paul Roos Gymnasium, Academic Achievers Tour USA 2022

“The program was jam-packed with many experiences for the students. It appeared to be a good balance between education and sightseeing. My son thoroughly enjoyed the tour and as he is an introvert, I am grateful for the new friendships he discovered amongst the tour group. Absolute value for money as this type of journey […]

Curro Hermanus, Academic Achievers Tour USA 2022

“Brilliant organising and planning from Natasha at Travel & Sport. We were very impressed with time line management prior to the tour and how we were kept informed and kept up to date at all times. The tour itself was a wonderful experience for our daughter. The tour was definitely worth every cent spent.” Curro […]

Montana High school Worcester, Academic Achievers Tour USA 2022

“My son made notes of every day’s experience and as already said, he is not the same child. He found it a bit difficult to adjust when he came back due to the shifts he made. All for the better.” Montana High school Worcester Parent of touring child

AHMP, Academic Achievers Tour USA 2022

“Overall the tour was a great experience and a once in a lifetime experience. The organisation thereof is huge and was done very professionally. Thanks to a wonderful chaperone who really looked after our children so well throughout the whole tour.” AHMP Parent of touring child

HS Hugenote, Academic Achievers Tour USA 2022

“It was truly a life changing experience for my 16 year old son. Traveling to another country and the opportunity to see and experience what it looks like there, and visit well known institutions and landmarks – just the whole experience – blew their minds open. They came back with a little bit of “life […]