Ireland 2022

Travel and Sport has sent 1186 children and 47 teams to Ireland since 2012.

25 groups stayed in the hostel in Cork.

2022 is the first time the hostel was full during our stays, and that led to sub standard accommodation with too little space.

TS was just as surprised when this happened, and we offered the groups that complained alternative accommodation that they declined.

A lot of rugby clubs in Ireland confirmed matches beforehand and then cancelled on or just before matchday.

TS management is now in Europe to negotiate with the service suppliers to find some ways to compensate the affected clients.
Everybody will receive feedback in November about the road forward.

TS apologises unconditionally to all affected parties.

This is an ongoing process and any conclusions or inferences at this stage is premature.
We ask for all affected party’s patience and we will work towards an acceptable solution.