Academic Achievers Tour


New York can definitely be described as a concrete jungle, immensely busy and vibrant. I enjoyed every moment of our amazing stay in the city. I got to experience Columbia University and go to a lecture regarding Cosmology and Astronomy.

It was truly an amazing lecture and inspired me to look more into this field of study. As well as this we visited Liberty Island where we got to take photos and eat lunch at the base of the Statue of Liberty. I also was very lucky to experience the Broadway show of the School of Rock where we watched talented actors and actresses put on a great show.

We were also able to walk through Central Park, shop on Times Square and more. I believe that the entire experience as a whole was truly amazing and that I wouldn’t be able to choose just one experience within the city. I am grateful and thankful for being able to experience all these amazing opportunities.

Parklands College

Thor Hambly-Nuss

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