The World Choir Games

Karin Matthee

The World Choir Games is the largest global choir festival and competition in the world.


South Africa hosted the 2018 World Choir Games in Tshwane, South Africa (4 -14 July) and this created a unique opportunity to showcase the rainbow nation’s diversity of South Africa, together with all the different countries, cultures and world views of peaceful competition that partake in the World Choir Games. The World Choir Games are an international choir festival taking place every two years on different continents.

The idea to create an event like the World Choir Games is based on the Olympic ideals, which aim to peacefully unify people and nations connected by song in a fair competition. This idea is supposed to inspire people to experience the power of interaction by singing together. It contributes to people overcoming conflicts and setting, through their social interaction, an example for other people. Music is the common language of the world and serves as a link between cultures and nations.

In 2018 South Africa managed to scoop an impressive 76 medals at the world Choir Games.

Travel & Sport offers a few choir products considering the next World Choir Games that will be hosted in 2020. Some of our more popular choir destinations are Germany, Poland, France, Italy, Russia, Slovakia, Hungary, the UK, Austria and Croatia with competitions and opportunities for South African Choir’s to compete on the global stage.

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