Review: Jaden Bouah 2018.

Academic Achievers Tour 2018 I really enjoyed walking around and shopping at the time square area for hours. Time square was one of the the places that lived up to its name. I went as far is 57th on 9th and wasn’t disappointed at all whereas the statue of liberty was so impressively average I […]

Review: Emma van der Walt 2018.

Academic Achievers Tour 2018 I really enjoyed times square and 5th avenue since it is very iconic and famous. But what stood out the most for me about New York was the 9/11 memorial and museum. When I first heard about it when I was small I didn’t really understand the tragedy the people of […]

Review: Jodie Pieters 2018.

Academic Achievers Tour 2018 I really liked the lecture at The New York University of Medicine. The lecture wasn’t just about learning and taking the information in, the lecturer actually really communicated with the tour group and I enjoyed it ’cause we laughed alot and the lecturer really gave useful information about influencers and tips […]

Review: Bianca Botha 2018

Academic Achievers Tour 2018 New York could most definitely be referred to as a concrete jungle… it is an incredibly organized and well planned city. The shops, skyscrapers, blocks, shops and overall setup of the city is commendable. New York is a definite bucket list type city. It’s a city with every possible form of […]

Review: Thor Hambly-Nuss 2018

Academic Achievers Tour 2018 New York can definitely be described as a concrete jungle, immensely busy and vibrant. I enjoyed every moment of our amazing stay in the city. I got to experience Columbia University and go to a lecture regarding Cosmology and Astronomy. It was truly an amazing lecture and inspired me to look […]

Review: Jeremy 2018.

Academic Achievers Tour 2018 I was overwhelmed by the huge buildings and the amount of people walking in the streets. When we got to tike square the amount of activity and the billboards and shops was extravagant and something I would never forget. The places we visited was very amazing and I would have loved […]